Called to Help at God’s School? 

Find ways to serve Him at ACA!

Thank you for your interest in serving at God’s school in ministry to His students and families.  We trust Him to draw His volunteers, teachers, and ministers to His school in His perfect way and timing.  Volunteers are needed daily and weekly at ACA and we appreciate all of the help that God sends through His precious volunteers and those in full time ministry as teachers to His sons and daughters.  We continue to pray for God to draw His teachers and staff to His school.  Volunteers are needed in the following ways:

Weekly Volunteers: Help cleaning on Wednesdays and Fridays, working with classroom teachers to assist with copies, calling out spelling words, working with students to practice skills, etc.  All volunteers must complete our online background check and be pre-approved before volunteering. https://volunteerscreener.com/

Substitute Teachers:  We often have needs for volunteers that are willing to teach a class as a substitute for the day.  If interested, please click here for more information: http://alexanderchristianacademy.com/volunteer-as-a-substitute/

Full or Part Time Ministry staff:  Our prayer is that God would call His teachers and staff to minister to His students and families as His school. All staff at ACA are volunteers in full or part time ministry and are not paid a salary and do not receive benefits that are of this world.  We choose to store up our treasures in Heaven knowing that they will last there for all eternity.  If you believe that God is drawing you to serve Him at His school, please click here for our application and for more information: http://alexanderchristianacademy.com/staff-application/


Anyone wishing to volunteer in our buildings during school hours must have an annual background check on file in our system.  There is a $10 charge and it must be completed each year by anyone 18 or older that enters our buildings during school hours.  


Click here to complete our Volunteer Screener and background check: https://volunteerscreener.com/


Volunteer Screening Process for ACA

1. Go to https://www.volunteerscreener.com

2. Click on the “start screening” button and enter your information.

3. Choose “Alexander Christian Academy” as the organization from the drop down.

4. Enter credit card information and submit. You may choose to receive a copy of your report once it has been processed.