The Staff


Greg and Angela Gettler: Co-Founders and Directors 


Bethlehem Campus

Kathy Moseley: Pre-K

Jenna Galliher: Pre-K/Kinder

Dolores Fox: Grades 1-2

Gina Kirby: Grades 3-4

Scottie Houston: Grade 5

Crystal Sloan: Grade 6

Georgeanne Blevins: Grade 7-8

Kathy Reece: Office Administrator/Treasurer

Tamela Seeley- Office personnel and Assistant



Calvary Chapel Campus

Sandra Ellis: High School

Charity Reese: High School


Hiddenite Campus

Caroline Lewis: Kinder/Grade 1

Wendy Webb: Grade 2

Teresa Herman: Grade 3

Caroline Lippard: Grade 4

Tracy Millsaps: Grade 5

Natika Morrison: Grades 6-7

Nancy Culson: Grade 8

Lizzie Beall: Academic CARE

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