About Alexander Christian Academy

We are a Christ centered, private, non-denominational, independently supported life preparatory Christian academy. Alexander Christian Academy (ACA) is organized under LifePrep Projects Inc., a tax-exempt non-profit organization. We are serving 3 and 4 year old children in our ACA Pre-K at Bethlehem and grades K-12 for the school year.

For the education of our students, we utilize rigorous, differentiated, individualized high-quality educational curriculum and materials that are rooted in the Bible and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

At Alexander Christian Academy, we do not have a set tuition per child. Instead, parents are required to:

1. Attend Christ centered parenting classes during the school year

2. Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per semester

3. Seek the Lord and make a monthly financial commitment to Him and His school at Alexander Christian Academy

Further, we wish to partner actively with churches of Alexander County to help educate and equip students to the best of our ability, through wisdom and direction given by the Lord.


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Our thoughts on the key dimensions of Christian Education

Christian Education must:

1. Be founded on the Word of God.

2. Have students, parents, and staff members that depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide into all wisdom and truth.

3. Equip children to become effective for the Kingdom of God.
They will know what they believe, why they believe it, and will not be swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others.

4. Impart wisdom vs. gaining knowledge- meaning that Christian education imparts wisdom
and lays foundational truths that knowledge alone could never accomplish.

Our Philosophy of Education

We have a passion to show and teach others how to hear and obediently respond to the voice of the Living God through a relationship with Jesus and through the power of His Holy Spirit. We will equip students with the Word of God, wisdom, and truth through high quality Christian education.

We believe that the students that come through the doors of Alexander Christian Academy should be more prepared than any other students to enter college, the workforce, the pulpit, and their mission fields. We desire to depend on the leadership of the Holy Spirit to meet the individual needs of students as learners and as members of His Church. We desire to discover and call out the God given strengths, talents, and abilities in children so that they can flourish in their gifting and calling as early as possible, as well as possible.

We will utilize rigorous, differentiated, individualized high quality education that is rooted in the Bible, and inspired by the Holy Spirit.