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    Clear Vision: What I see for 20/20

    Happy New Decade! Happy 2020! Lord Jesus, I put You first this decade, I put You first this year, I put You first this day, I put You first in this moment.  I really want You first in all things!  Help me to keep You first and seek You first.  Help me to love you Lord with ALL of my heart, ALL of my soul, ALL of my mind, ALL of my strength, ALL of me and to love others well.  I want every day of this decade to be set apart for You and to be filled with Your Kingdom’s purpose.  Let Your will be done in and through…

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    I am ThankFULL!

      Thankfulness is a weapon!  It drives out complaining, grumpiness, and ungratefulness.  Tell God out loud today….. THANK YOU GOD FOR ________________! I have seen this principle of thankfulness at work in my life and with my children.  If there is a time that one of us complains and then we can find a way to be thankful in the middle of that situation, it really helps all of us so much.  For example, when someone complains about what we have to eat for a meal, if they can say, “Thank You God for food to eat! Thank You that it is safe for me to eat. Thank You God…

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